Mobilizing communities to reduce stigma about masculine-of-center

    sex workers.


  • About Us

    Molly House Project came into fruition in the wake of the Rentboy raid and passing of FOSTA-SESTA legislation, in response to the dire need of resources for masculine-of-center sex workers. We offer social and educational support, monthly virtual meetups, and a mutual aid crisis fund. Our team also facilitates workshops, discussions, and programming in local communities and at conferences nationwide.

  • What We Mean By "Masculine-of-Center"

    We recognize that no language is perfect. Our hope is that the terminology “masculine-of-center” is received as naming and honoring people of various identities falling under the umbrellas as maleness, manhood, boihood, and/or masculinity. We do not seek to impose language on others and wholeheartedly respect the myriad of ways members of our communities identify.

  • Monthly Virtual Chats

    Molly House Project is a community space for masculine-of-center sex workers. We host virtual meetups exclusively for masculine-of-center sex workers on 2nd Sundays, 6 -7:30 PM Central. Conversation is free-flowing, frequently touching on current events, work happenings, and community organizing. Sign up here.

  • About Our COVID-19 Relief Fund

    As the United States is hit hard by COVID-19, many sex workers are experiencing a sudden loss of income, increased stigma around their profession, and are in crisis mode with no safety net.


    The Molly House Project C-19 Relief Fund supports masculine-of-center sex workers who have been impacted by the current pandemic. We're seeking monetary donations from those not or significantly less impacted by the pandemic to help our communities stay afloat as times get stranger by the day. At this time, we are only able to accept donations via PayPal.


    Looking for help? The Molly House Project C-19 Relief Fund will provide up to $100 for 20 masculine-of-center sex workers per month. Funding will be received in the order that applications are submitted. Queer and trans people of color, as communities most harmed by economic and healthcare inequity, are being prioritized, as well as disabled and immunocompromised folks. We are currently able to send funds via PayPal, Cash app, Venmo, or physical check. Request support here.


    FYI: As the fiscal sponsors of Molly House Project, Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) will receive 10% of our proceeds for admin fees.

  • COVID-19 Resources for Sex Workers

    Last update: April 7, 2020

    Monetary aid to Black, Indigenous, and other people of color who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and/or intersex.

    Monetary aid to community members with any urgent financial needs due to housing insecurity and limited resources.

    Comprehensive list of resources grouped by nation or continent (scroll down).

    Extensive list of resources for specific assistance and help with immediate bills, COVID-related financial options for relief, and harm reduction right now.

      Industry-relevant information on COVID-19 transmission, general protective measures, symptoms of COVID-19, protective guidelines, and community resources.

      Monetary aid to young people in  Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.