• About

    Molly House Project came into fruition in the wake of the Rentboy raid and passing of FOSTA-SESTA legislation, in response to the dire need of resources for masculine-of-center sex workers.


    We host monthly virtual meetups on 4th Tuesdays, 2 - 3:30 PM Central. Our team also facilitates workshops, discussions, and programming in local communities and at conferences nationwide.


    In addition to offering social and educational support, we also work to unlearn manifestations of toxic masculinity that hinder community mobilization. In doing so, we hope to integrate masculine-of-center voices into the larger sex work movement in ways that support, not derail, progress toward sex worker rights.


    *We recognize that no language is perfect. Our hope is that the terminology “masculine-of-center” is received as naming and honoring people of various identities falling under the umbrellas as maleness, manhood, boihood, and/or masculinity. We do not seek to impose language on others and wholeheartedly respect the myriad of ways members of our communities identify.


    Founders: Shaan Lashun and TT Baum

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